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We're an official supplier

Leckie & Leckie are delighted to announce that as of 1st October 2010 we are an official supplier under the contract for Supply and Delivery of Educational Textbooks and Resources as arranged by Scotland Excel.

Grade Boosters

Founded in 1989, Leckie & Leckie is proud to be Scotland’s leading educational publisher. We are committed to publishing books that help every Scottish student achieve exam success.

With over 200 resources published and exciting future publishing plans in place, Leckie & Leckie continues to focus on the needs of Scottish students, teachers and parents.

We specialise in Success Guides, Practice Papers for SQA Exams, Grade Boosters, Revision Notes, and Course Notes for SQA courses and exams, providing exactly what students need to know to pass their exams.

  • The Active Learning series expands significantly this year to cover seven subjects! This exciting new series is a highly innovative resource, designed for every school aiming to implement the Curriculum for Excellence as effectively and efficiently as possible. Our Active Learning series is written initially for the Third Level and will expand in 2011 to cover the Fourth Level. It has been specially created to meet the requirements of new curriculum and is entirely based on the principles and philosophies behind the Curriculum for Excellence.
  • Leckie & Leckie recently introduced a major brand new range of books: Practice Papers for SQA Exams – the series that has already changed the way Scottish students study for SQA examinations and comprises of more than 30 titles, covering a broad range of subjects at all levels! Designed to look and feel just like an SQA exam paper, each title includes entirely new practice papers and also features fully worked answer sections to show students not just the answer but exactly how to reach it. Practice Papers for SQA Exams are the perfect way to make exam practice as painless as possible – and are fantastic value for money!
  • Leckie & Leckie pioneered full-colour revision books for the Scottish secondary market with the introduction of the Success Guide series. We are again expanding the series this year, with a growing range of revision guides designed specifically to support Higher grade students.
  • At Leckie & Leckie, we make every effort to minimise our impact on the environment; in particular we do our utmost to ensure that all paper used in our books is made from well-managed forests.
  • Leckie & Leckie staff are based in Scotland and we are privileged to work with a large number of partners and suppliers located throughout Scotland.
  • Leckie & Leckie collaborates only with highly experienced and knowledgeable Scottish authors, including Principal Teachers and SQA markers and assessors, and has been particularly committed to publishing for niche subject areas previously devoid of resources.
  • Additionally, Leckie & Leckie has a strong offering in core areas of Maths, English and the Sciences, across all national qualification areas from Standard Grades to Highers.
  • In 2007 we became the first UK educational publisher to launch a new title, in conjunction with the RNIB, in various accessible versions. Addressing the new Curriculum for Excellence, Skills and Strategies for Learning is available in ordinary print, large print, Braille and in an audio version.
  • Leckie & Leckie has also developed a range of 24 highly illustrated full colour books in Maths and English for pre-school and primary level pupils (ages 3-11) with more books to come this year.

The coming months will be exciting and busy for us as, in addition to planning for the new curriculum, Leckie & Leckie’s existing series for current national qualifications will be expanded. Already used extensively across Scotland, our Success Guide, Course Notes and Grade Booster ranges are continually being developed into new areas and levels, and new products will be published both traditionally and digitally. 

Leckie & Leckie’s tried and tested books have for years been the first choice for hundreds of thousands of successful Scottish students. With OVER 40 new books due to be published in the next 12 months, Leckie & Leckie is more committed than ever to publishing for Scottish secondary schools.

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