Leckie & Leckie have been publishing resources for the Scottish education system for over 25 years. From small beginnings in a townhouse in St Andrew’s the company grew at an exponential rate, relocated to Edinburgh and due to the attractiveness of their publishing and strong brand name were acquired by HarperCollins UK in 2010. The Leckie & Leckie team remains small & perfectly formed within the HarperCollins business.

Leckie & Leckie started their journey by successfully pioneering colour revision guides, their Success Guides range, especially popular in vocational subjects. They also became well known for their involvement in the provision of SQA Past Papers.

Today Leckie & Leckie are kept busy responding to Curriculum for Excellence in Scotland with a range of core textbooks, revision guides and exam practice papers for the new Nationals and the new CfE Higher.

Digitally, Leckie & Leckie have developed products for their new learning platform, Collins Connect, which is designed to be as easy to use as possible and to work perfectly on all digital devices, in response to the changing classroom environment.

Leckie & Leckie aim to support teachers, parents and students with up-to-date, high quality, authoritative classroom, homework and revision resources. We continually strive to remain the market leader in providing educational resources for the Scottish education system and we believe passionately in what we do.

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