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Free Modern Studies Resources

Front cover of our Standard Grade Modern Studies Course Notes book

In addition to our brand new Standard Grade Modern Studies Course Notes, this list of useful web links provides you with relevant case study information to support you throughout your course.

  • Key websites are listed by topic for quick easy reference Standard Grade Modern Studies Cover
  • Internet activities in the Course Notes book help focus your research
  • Weblinks are monitored and updated to give you the information that you need

Extensive weblinks are available for the following course areas:

All page references refer to related activities in Standard Grade Modern Studies Course Notes.

Leckie & Leckie is not responsible for any content on the specified websites.

Living in a democracy - UK

Pressure Groups

  • Greenpeace (page 23)
    Greenpeace is an independent, campaigning organisation that uses non-violent confrontation to expose global environmental problems
  • CND (page 23)
    CND campaigns non-violently to rid the world of nuclear weapons and other weapons of mass destruction
  • GM Free Scotland (page 23)
    This group campaigns against genetically modified foods being grown in the UK
  • Amnesty International
    Amnesty International's home page
  • Ban the Bomb website
    Scottish Campaign for Nuclear Dasarmament

Voting Systems and Party Politics

Changing Society

Meeting the Needs of the Elderly

Meeting the Needs of the Unemployed

Ideologies -The USA

The Political System of the USA

Interest / Pressure Groups

  • American Civil Liberties Union (page 59)
    http://www.aclu.org/ The American Civil Liberties Union attempts to ensure that the conditions laid down in the U.S. constitution are not broken.
  • National Rifle Association (page 59)
    http://www.nra.org/ The National Rifle Association promotes the American Constitution's Amendment that the every American citizen's right to bear arms is not taken away.
  • Black America's Political Action Committee (page 59)
    http://www.bampac.org/ Web page of Black America's Political Action Committee

Political System

  • The Census Bureau (page 61)
    The Census Bureau offers detailed data on the people and economy of the USA
  • Centre for Immigration Studies (page 70)
    The Centre for Immigration Studies undertakes policy analysis of the impacts of immigration on the United States
  • US Government (page 71)
    This site is the official gateway to information about the U.S. government

International Relations


Politics of Aid

Enquiry Skills

  • Google (page 119)
    Use this popular search engine to find pages relevant to your studies

General Modern Studies Sites

Political Maps

Further Resources

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